fdgt is designed to make the life of Twitch Developers easier. From building Twitch bots, to designing overlays, to developing extensions, we provide the tools you need to build amazing things on Twitch — without breaking the bank.

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What is fdgt?

fdgt is a drop-in replacement for Twitch IRC. You can connect your overlays, Twitch bots, and other tools to fdgt and test them with simulated events!

Why does fdgt exist?

Put simply, fdgt is here to help developers simulate Twitch APIs without spending their own cash. It shouldn't cost $25 every time you want to test how your overlay handles tier 3 subscriptions. It shouldn't cost $126 when you want to test your extension's 10,000 bit reward. It should be free.

How do I use fdgt?

Using fdgt is pretty simple. Instead of pointing to irc.twitch.tv, point your code to irc.fdgt.dev. Seriously, it's that easy.

One of the hardest parts of working with Twitch IRC is that to test your tool with different payloads, you have to perform the real action that would trigger that event.