How does it work?

Using fdgt is pretty simple. Instead of pointing to irc.chat.twitch.tv or irc-ws.chat.twitch.tv, point your library to irc.fdgt.dev. DONE.

Wait seriously?


It can't be that simple!

It is, tho. Have some examples.

Connecting to the real Twitch IRC

Connecting to the fdgt mock IRC

Simulating events

One of the hardest parts of working with the Twitch chat API is that to test your tool with different payloads, you have to perform the real action that would trigger that event.

Need to trigger a message with bits? You're going to be cheering a lot.

Need to simulate a subscription? I hope you've got deep pockets.

Need to simulate a submysterygift with 10 Tier 3 subscriptions? God help you.

Instead of blowing the wads of cash that you probably don't have, use fdgt! With fdgt, you just have to send the right message to the chat service, and it'll trigger the appropriate event! Here's an example of triggering a message with bits:

And just like that, fdgt will fire a simulated message with bits attached!

Getting a specific response

Sometimes, the randomized events that fdgt generates just aren't specific enough. Fortunately, fdgt's interface is controlled just like a CLI! If you want to change the username of the person that "triggered" the event, you can pass it with the --username flag!

...or, say you want to simulate that 10x Tier 3 submysterygift we mentioned earlier:

For more information on what events are available and what parameters they support, check out the events section.