fdgt is a mock API built as a drop-in replacement for the Twitch IRC API. It allows developers to test events from the Twitch API without having to spend their money.

As both a livestreamer and a programmer, I originally built fdgt for myself so that I could build my stream overlay without spending all of my cash to test stuff. As I built it out, though, I realized that fdgt was a tool that the community had been dreaming about for years...

Why does fdgt exist?

Twitch is an amazing platform for content and community, and they provide a lot of APIs to make it easier for folx like myself to create really cool things. What they don't provide is any sort of testing apparatus which would allow us to test those really cool things. That means that to build really cool things, we usually have to spend our own cash.

While I get that Twitch is a company and needs to make money, it shouldn't be gouging the developers that are investing their time to make the platform even more cool.

This is why fdgt exists. It's here to allow developers using the Twitch platform to make awesome things without having to empty their wallet.


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